About Us

Work with one of Sydney’s most experienced digital freelancers


Chill Media is a digital design agency that provides freelance graphics, design and websites to businesses of all sizes. We have over 25 years of proven experience in providing sales and marketing materials including custom designed websites, online marketing strategies and traditional printed material.

We are made up of 5 freelancers, headed by Gary Hunter, who all play a part in providing successful projects to our clients. Our core team provides design, print, programming, animation and strategy.

We do not need awards. We have plenty of satisfied customers who keep coming back time and time again for our services. You probably have seen our work here and overseas, whilst travelling on a plane, while sitting in a casino and even by using hundreds of other companies around Australia that we provide services to. Our work gets our clients customers, generates leads and makes them sales.

1000’s of successful projects for 100’s of successful clients.