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Website Development

Our experienced developers will ensure your website is SEO optimised, mobile ready and designed to deliver results. We are an Australian based company ready to work in your business hours to produce the best online solution for you. We can build a website from scratch or update and maintain your existing website.
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Sales and Marketing

There are plenty of ways to promote your business and we have helped our clients get the results they were aiming for. We can produce artwork for slide shows, PowerPoint presentations, posters, t-shirts, signage and even email signatures to get your message to your customers.

Graphic Design

We do not just do websites. We are experienced graphic designers and can produce a whole host of products for your business. Whether you require a logo redesign, printed brochures, electronic flyers and even banners and graphics for social media or sales presentations, Chill Media can help you with the lot.
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Social Media and Emails

Everybody has social media accounts to reach a broader client base these days so if you require banners, animated graphics, landing pages, email newsletters, help with setting up social media platforms and even doing the posts and designs of your blogs then call us and we can have a chat about what you may need.

Chill Media provides freelance design and project management services for your business. Whether you are a large or small business we can provide a flexible graphics solution for your business and work on one-off projects or an on-going basis. We work with you, as your art department and develop your sales and marketing collateral when and as you need it.

Have you looked at your website on a mobile?

More than ever people and especially customers are using their phones more to interact with businesses online. Unfortunately we still see a lot of websites that are not mobile friendly and this could be costing you vital leads and purchases.

Don’t forget…?

We work as Freelance Graphic Designers. A bit like a mobile sales and marketing department for your business. When you need graphic and media solutions we are there to give you advice and service backed by over 25 years experience. We are a contractor who fits in seamlessly with your business and we provide as little or as much of a project

as you require. That way you are only ever paying for what you need. That’s it! We work when you need, for as long as you want, anytime you require. Just how freelancers should work.

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